Personal Trainer

Rosa Rin

Rosa (Large)

Functional & Sports Athlete Training | Strength Training | Aerobic Conditioning. | Muscle Tone training | Weight loss programs

"Action is the foundational key to all success."


I am a holistic Fitness enthusiastic. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science, From the Thailand National Sport University.


I was granted a scholarship by the Royal Princess of Thailand. With 4 years of experience in the science behind fitness and general knowledge about physical training and client management, I see my self as a true holistic Fitness enthusiast.


I’m very knowledgeable and highly educated in functional training and BOOT CAMP workouts. I’m also highly experienced in General fitness training, developing, and implementing training programs based on efficient and effective exercises.



Functional & Sports Athlete Training.

Strength Training.

Aerobic Conditioning.

BOOT CAMP Muscle Tone training.

Weight loss programs.

Muscle Building.

Sports massage and stretching