Personal Trainer

Yoeung Samneang


With a dedicated six-year tenure as a freelance trainer, I bring a wealth of experience in guiding clients toward their fitness goals. My expertise spans one-on-one and group training, encompassing cardio, weight training, and strength workouts. I am deeply passionate about aiding individuals in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, offering advanced techniques in nutrition.

My credentials include:

  • 1st Place Certificate from Thailand
  • 5th Place Certificate, Mfit Competition
  • Wellness Institute Technogym Certification
  • WBPF Certificate

In the realm of competition, I achieved noteworthy milestones:

  • Top 5 Mr. Mfit Champion Season One, 2017
  • 1st Place (Men’s Sport Physique up to 175cm), Thailand E-SAN Classic Bodybuilding and Physique, 2023.

My specialties encompass bodybuilding, weightlifting, weight loss strategies, isolation movements, and strength training. I am committed to elevating your members' fitness journey with professional guidance.


-1st place certificate from Thailand

-5th place certificate Mfit competition

-Wellness Institute technogym

-WBPF certificate


-Top5 Mr. Mfit Champion Season One 2017

-1st place (Men’s Sport physique up to 175cm)Thailand E-SAN classic bodybuilding and physique 2023.


Bodybuilding, weight lifting, weight loss, isolation movements, strength training.